Without A Mom

13 minutes. Special Interest.
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Cast and crew

Brooklyn Lester-Walsh is the epitome of the All-America young man. Star athlete, good looking, and smart. His completely out of character meltdown over his girlfriend's breakup exposes the long standing fear of one of his parents. Hank Lester and his lifetime companion Henry Walsh, have been together for 20 years. Henry's calm and loving nature has always held the family together. Their dream of raising a child has always been clouded with Hank's fear that raising a boy without a mom could put their son in harm's way. Hank has always feared that a harsh and judgmental world would unfairly isolate, and mistreat their son because his parents are gay.

Upon arriving home after a long and stressful day...Hank finds his son crying and sobbing like never before. Hank has always parented at arms length, overcompensating to provide a masculine, fatherly influence, and he's at odds at what to do. A quick decision to help calm him down fails miserably, and sets the stage for a showdown between his parents that has been brewing for years.

In the end, it's their son whose unconditional love and acceptance that teaches them both a lesson, and brings a family together.